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      • TinyCon2005-A-BE

        TinyCon2005-A-BE is a SoC based on the WiFi program WiFi chip design module, both to provide a convenient...[More]

      • IOT解決方案

        銳凌微智能家居解決方案sl1001 for intelligent home是針對智能家居提供的軟硬件解決方案,其核心產品是基于銳凌...[More]

      • TinyCon_2000L

        TinyCon2000L is a tiny embedded Wi-Fi module (TinyWifi), the realization of  interaction and interf...[More]


      Celebrate NewLocation

      According to the needs of the rapid development of company business and team, in order to provide a more comfortable working environment for employees, in the Xuanwu District Committee and Xuzhuang Software Par...[Detail]


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